Finding a Performing Arts Summer Camp on a Budget

It can be difficult to find things for your child to do when school has abandoned them for the summer. This is where a summer camp could make things easier. While some kids are into sports and outdoor adventures, others prefer the performing arts. Finding a low-cost performing arts camp can be a challenge especially if your unsure of the outcome. Here are some suggestions that can help your kids enjoy the summer without flattening your wallet.

City community centers offer a wide range of summer camps and workshops in the performing arts category. This is a great way to find your child's interests without a lot of commitment. There are a few added bonuses while using a community center. One being the location. Most city's have centers placed throughout, so finding one close to your work or home shouldn't be a problem. Another being "no experience required." These camps are not picky. Having fun seems to be there main objective, so your child will probably feel less intimidated and more willing to participate. Last, who could forget the contribution to the community factor. The teachers are members of the community who receive a portion of the fee or high school kids trying to further their education. At either rate you know your hard earned money is going to a good cause. If your having trouble find one near you check out your state's web page, it should be under the park and recreation section.

For children who are specifically interested in acting, a local children's theater is the way to go. They offer summer camps for a variety of ages which range from beginner to advanced. Prices can run a little more with less locations available, but it's worth the experience. You child is taught by a trained actor and a performance usually follows the camp. I know from experience that space is limited in these facilities so being informed about registration dates and not procrastinating is a must.

Not all of us have the resources to send our child to a professional ballet school but don't fret there are other options. If your child is interested in dance but you don't know where to start, a camp is a great introduction. You might even find a school that offers a variety workshop so your child can get a feel for the different types of dance. Most local studios offer summer camps for a reasonable price. They are less competitive then high end companies and the experience is always appreciated when your child is ready to move up.

If your daughter is well on her way to becoming a rock star there is a camp in Portland Oregon that is right up your alley. The Rock N Roll camp for girls has gotten rave reviews and is worth checking out. Girls ages 8-18 are given an opportunity to create a real band as well as build confidence while they rock out. The camp offers 4 sessions which are all a week long. Tuition is fair but getting there could be an issue since it's in Portland. The only catch is you need to apply and space is limited. Checkout for more info.

A resourceful site to check out if you are interested in music camps is It's a sight aimed at music in schools, though under the "learn and find" tab there is a great deal of information on camps and teachers. You can search under a specific instrument which is helpful is you want to pick-up where school instrumental left off.

Finding an affordable performing arts camp for your child doesn't have to be painful. There are plenty of wallet saving options that come with an added bonus. When summer passes us by your child could still take classes through the facilities regular programs. Just be aware that most have limited space so don't procrastinate.

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