Walnut Hill Summer Arts Program

When one thinks of premier art schools, the ultimate not only in the arts but academically as well, Walnut Hill is certainly at the top of the list. This is not just a school but more so a community where the common interest is arts, excellence, and the well being of the students of this prestigious institution. During the summer the school provides the opportunity for other students from around the world to experience the Walnut Hill Summer Arts Program.

The Walnut Hill Summer Arts Program is located at 12 Highland Street in Naticky Massachusetts, at the Walnut Hill School designed for students between the ages of 13-18, inclusive of grades 9th through 12th. This is a coeducation boarding and day secondary school for the arts. Where the focus of the school is on the arts the academic program consists of college-preparatory classes. The arts area covers intensive training in writing, the visual arts, music, ballet, and theatre.

Where not everyone has the opportunity to attend such a school due to location or other limitations, the perfect solution is the Walnut Hill Summer Arts Program. Children come from around the world to attend this premier arts program. The residential program involved students staying at one of the eight halls on campus, which are close to the classrooms and performance arts area. Housing accommodations will vary from doubles to quads based on availability. Though the program is coed, the residential halls are not.

The student to Residential Advisor is approximately 12 to 1. Student campers will have access to all facilities including the fitness center, the computer center, the campus center, and the campus swimming pool. Three meals a day will be provided in the dining hall Monday through Saturday, with meals served twice on Sundays. For the safety and well being of all students that is a Health Center on campus with a doctor on call 24-hours per day.

The Walnut Hill Summer Arts Program offers a very versatile curriculum for visiting students. Most students participate in programs based on their personal focus however, the programs offered include the following: Dance Programs, Creative Writing Programs, Chamber Music Programs, Opera Programs, Theater Programs, and a Visual Art Programs. For more detailed information regarding application, admission, dates and sessions, tuition, and registration deadline, the Walnut Hill School must be contacted directly. For more information on the Walnut Hill Summer Arts Program call 508-653-4312, or visit the Web site for complete details.

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