The American Academy of Dramatic Arts Summer Program

The American Academy of Dramatic Arts is the only school in the United States offering an actual degree in the field of acting. With Campuses in New York and Los Angeles the Academy offers the perfect proving ground for aspiring actors by helping them to develop into professionals while assisting with their personal growth.

Though the Academy has two campuses, the school functions as a single entity. For the young student who is yet unable to fully commit to a career, the American Academy of Dramatic Arts Summer Program is the perfect summer commitment to the young actors career.

The basic curriculum for the summer program includes Acting, Voice and Speech, Vocal Production, and Movement. The Acting track involves the students learning the importance elements crucial to their success at the craft of acting. The techniques used include student participation in improvisation and scene study exercises. Students are taught to find their truth in an imaginary circumstance. The Voice and Speech track students learn to hone their voice as an instrument by focusing on articulation, stress and phrasing, and intonation. The Vocal Production track works parallel to the Voice and Speech Track by reiterating the importance of the voice and speech as the actor's instrument. The Movement track focuses on basic dance techniques, and coordination with focus on the body as the instrument of the actor. Classes for all tracks of the basic curriculum are in session for four hours a day Monday through Thursday. Students also have the option of taking elective classes while at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts Summer Program. These elective include classes such as Fencing, Shakespeare and Audition Techniques, and Musical Theatre.

To be accepted into the American Academy of Dramatic Arts Summer Program, all prospective students must apply, audition, interview and provide photographs. Auditions require two contrasting monologues, one of comedic nature and the other dramatic. The monologues must be from published plays, one period and the other contemporary. They must be delivered by memory and should not exceed two minutes each. The application fee is $50.00, tuition is $1900.00, and additional electives costs $90.00 each. Classes for the summer session will begin on July 9, and end on August 16th.

For more information on the American Academy of Dramatic Arts Summer Program visit the Web site or call 1800-463-8990 for the New York Campus. For the Los Angeles campus call 1800-222-2867.

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