11 Safe Household Ingredients for Making Cheap Arts and Crafts Recipes

10 Safe Household Ingredients for Making Cheap Arts and Crafts Recipes

Moms and dads, there are 11 household ingredients to keep on hand that can be used for making kid-safe arts and crafts recipes.

These are household products that you can buy at any grocery store. In addition to these free and cheap supplies for kids craft time, buy a couple of extra packages of these safe household products the next time you are at the store.

On a rainy day, or any other house-bound day, you will happy to have these safe household ingredients on hand. They are cheap, and can be used in many different arts and crafts recipes for kids crafts.

  1. Corn Starch

Corn starch has many uses for arts and crafts recipes. Corn starch can be used in no-cook dough recipes, in jewelry-making dough recipes, and even in craft paste.

  1. Baking Soda

Baking soda is another safe household ingredient that can be used to make cheap supplies. Use baking soda to make no-cook doughs.

  1. Flour

Flour is king when it comes to cheap arts and crafts. Flour is the main ingredient in many play dough recipes, and even in specialty paint recipes.

  1. Salt

Salt can be used in clays, in dough, and to give homemade paints special effects. Salt is ridulously cheap, if you buy regular table salt.

  1. Cream of Tartar

Cream of Tartar is a baking ingredient that not all households have. It's a good idea to buy some for making kids crafts recipes like cooked dough.

  1. Sugar

Sugar is another cheap household ingredient used for making homemade arts and crafts supplies including stickers and paste for paper crafts.

  1. Box of Food Coloring

A box of food coloring is the best way to add color to homemade arts and crafts supplies. A little food coloring goes a long way, which makes it a cheap supply.

  1. Tea Bags

Tea bags can be used to in paper crafts, to make paper look older. Used tea bags are a very cheap item for making arts and crafts supplies.

The tea leaves can also be used to make certain types of dough. Or, use tea leaves when making homemade paper.

  1. Plain Gelatin

Plaint gelatin is a cheap ingredient for making cheap arts and crafts supplies including paint and stickers.

  1. Non-stick cooking spray

Non-stick cooking spray is great for any cooking doughs, or any other recipes which needs to dry. Skip the good stuff and buy a generic brand or one that is on sale, to save money.

  1. Plastic Utensils

Plastic utensils are not really an ingredient. It is a good idea to have cheap plastic utensils that are used just for crafts. Plastic spoons, knives and forks can all be used when making kids crafts.

The occasional craft recipe may call for a non-edible item, and it is best not to mix up the eating utensils with the plastic ones.

If you are concerned about the environment, and recycling, purchase some of the sturdier plastic utensils that will hold up to multiple use by kids.

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