Why Photo Cards Are so Great

People buy cards for many different things. Holidays, birthdays, sympathy, and just about anything that you could possible imagine. There are even cards out there for pets! If you ever go to the store and pick out a card for someone, you may notice the high price of the card, not to mention that someone else may get the very same card. There is a really unique way to send out cards to people for any occasion, and they can be created by you with whatever you want on them. I am not talking about designing a traditional card online, I’m talking about creating your own photo cards.

Photo cards are special way that you can send someone a personal greeting that is unique and that no one else can send them. You can create a card for any occasion too! If your child has a birthday party, you can take a picture of them blowing out the candles on the cake. Then take this picture and use it as the picture on your card. For wedding thank you’s, try using a picture that was taken by someone of the two of you at your wedding. Christmas photo cards are very popular right now. Taking a picture of your family, home, or a vacation you went on is a good idea for this holiday. Some people even like to send Halloween photo cards with their children or pets in their costumes. If you have a pet, or maybe a garden, then use pictures of these things for sympathy cards or for blank cards. Cards with no message imprinted can be very useful.

You can design photo cards however you want. You can have different borders or background, and get do them in any color. You will choose your font sizes, types, and all of your different patterns. It can also be any type of card you want. It can be side opening, a one sided card, or a two sided single card. It is going to be as detailed or as simple as you want it to be. You can even put multiple photographs on it.

So how do you create these photo cards? There are many different ways. Your home computer program being Windows or whatever you use will normally have a program to design photo cards, and you can print them out at your home printer. You will have to get the right card paper and make sure you have enough ink. It has often been found cheaper to go through an online photo system like Shutterfly or Snapfish. These are just 2 of many. With these online vendors all you have to do is load up your photos, type in your greetings, and they will mail the cards to you. These cards cost less than a quarter to create, and you don’t have to deal with the printing mechanics or the high price of ink. Another way is to create them at stores or pharmacies that have photography departments, and this is also very cost effective.

In many cases photo cards can serve as duel purposes. If you want to send out graduation invitations or thank you’s, you can use the card to have all of the information and a picture on it. This way you don’t have to pay for additional photos to insert with each card. Photographs aren’t cheap and photo cards will save you money. They are also a great way to keep memories, and to display pictures. Some people keep cards around forever, so they will have your special picture and unique card forever.

Try making a photo card for your next occasion or event. If you are an advanced photographer, you will be able to create many different unique and neat cards, and get to display your talent. Search for different places on line that you can get them done if you don’t want to worry about doing it yourself, and get creative!

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