Who is in that
portrait you paint
without restraint

More drama
the eyes are all on me
my poor sad life
Isn't that the way it is supposed to be

But in the
pursuit of happiness
self fulfillment
on that path we digress

We lose sight
of the most important things
our friends and family
and the fulfillment they bring

It is not in ourselves
we find the pursuit of happiness
it is in our children
we find our bliss

We are their guides
in this life so confusing
when others falter, fail
it is not so amusing

Happiness is not in
how you look to the world
but the in the special moments
that every day unfold

To let your children
go unchecked
while you follow another path
another train wreck

But still
after all the crap, the nonsense
still you don't see
still will not pay your penance

pretty, sad, surreal
the only problem is
your own happiness is all you feel

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