Christina Hendricks Playboy Photos Draw Extensive Interest

Christina Hendricks Playboy photos were leaked to the internet today. Those Christina Hendricks Playboy photos are also creating a lot of interest in the actress, as fans of her hit show had not known that she had ever posed for the men's magazine.

The Smoking Jacket is the website that posted the Christina Hendricks Playboy photos, depicting her posing with two other girls, a clown, and a guy with some huge leg muscles. It was Playboy Magazine that leaked these pictures today, giving out a Twitter picture that they claimed had a celebrity in them. It became a trivia question to see if people following Playboy on Twitter would be able to figure out who they were looking at.

It turns out that the Christina Hendricks Playboy photos were taken back in the 1990's, and that she appeared in the July 1999 Playboy issue. She was pictured in the forefront of both pictures, headlining an article about "summer shooters" that are also depicted in the picture. The three women all have what appear to be bikinis on, as well as some very bad looking wigs.

The revelation that Christina Hendricks actually posed for Playboy has been a huge surprise to those that have watched episode of AMC's 'Mad Men'. She might look a bit different 11 years later, but her facial structure is what makes it pretty obvious that she is the one in the photograph. Her fame has led many internet users to try and track down the photos, but many have been posting comments because they were disappointed she had so much clothing on.

We have posted a picture of what Hendricks looks like now at the top of this article for those that haven't been tuning in to her hit show.

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