How to Make a Baby Book from a Photo Album

There are many reasons for making your own baby book. Maybe you want to write your own stories. Maybe you would like to read stories in another language, but such books are out of reach. Regardless of your particular reasons, you can easily make a baby book without spending a whole day or a bunch of money on a complicated project. Just use a photo album as a blank canvas for your book.

I have recently heard that a friend of mine had been looking – with little success – for books in her native language for her new baby. She wanted to familiarize him with the sounds of this language, but was at loss as of where to find such books without having to break a bank and order them from abroad.

Enter the photo album. With a few hours of internet research, printing, measuring and cutting, I easily created the first books in the baby's future foreign language library. While the options in making a book are limitless, I found that using a photo album had some very attractive advantages.

Advantages of Using a Photo Album to Make a Baby Book

  1.  Easy to make. No gluing or tying pages together. No do-it-yourself padding for the covers. You can concentrate on the content.
  2.  Easy to clean and keep in good shape. If your baby touches the pages with dirty fingers, you can simply wipe the book clean. Photo albums with plastic pages are usually sturdy enough to withstand a good deal of abuse, as they are meant to last.
  3.  Beautiful books. Albums are designed to be presentable, so your book would end up looking nice. If you buy more albums of the same design, whether of different colors or not, they will look pretty aligned side by side on the shelf.

What You Need

Story and images from the internet (or your own)
Small photo album with plastic inserts, from a craft store (often on sale)
Printing paper

How to Make the Baby Book

1 – Copy your story into a Word document. Adjust the width to what you think is a good one for your photo album, and use the Page Break feature to create your test page. Print it out, and cut it to fit the album page inserts. Through trial and error, decide on the right formula of width and length for the test page. Do not forget to count the number of inserts in your album, and to increase or decrease the font size to fit this number best.

2 – When you obtained the right formula of width and number of lines for each page, use the Page Break feature from Word to create every page. Print them out.

3 – Use your test paper as a pattern for cutting the pages, or create an easier to use pattern using thicker craft paper. Cut each page around its contour. You can cut out more pages at a time to finish faster.

4 – Create a title and an end page using a larger and fancier font. Look online for a nice border image and copy it into your Word document to enhance the look of these two pages.

5 – If you can find images related to your story on the internet, copy them into your Word document, adjust their size and print them out on separate pages.

6 – Create a dedication page if you have enough room in your album. After all, this note of personal touch is why you are making the book in the first place.

7 – Arrange your pages in order, and mix them with your images. Insert them into the album pages.

8 – Create a title page for the book cover, and place it into the little insert of the album cover.

With little effort, you can create a whole library of books that your child will cherish forever. Use the same method to create personalized gifts for baby showers, birthdays or any other event fit for such a present – and bring joy into a little reader's world.

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