Little Photo Books for Baby

We all love to look at our babies. They also love looking at us! The ideas below are cute little photo books. Not only are they great little picture books, they are also great little teaching tools. Pictures of family members and other objects provide visual stimulation. Reading the words provides speech and word recognition. Have fun making these little books for your baby and for your friends. They will love the thoughtful idea.

The Book Ingredients:

Cardboard (stiffer) for the cover

Cardboard (slightly flexible) for the inside pages


Yarn (large fluffy yarn or many strands of regular yarn will work)

Markers (safe, colorful)

Glue (non-toxic)


Take photos of family members, pets, favorite dolls or stuffed animals, etc. Make the photos full face and large enough to fill about half the page.

Cut 2 pieces of the stiffer cardboard about 5" square for the book cover. Make a fold line about ½" from the edge. This ½" area will be the bookbinding. The binding can be at the left side or the top, whichever you prefer.

Cut as many inside pages as you wish from the slightly flexible cardboard. Cut these about 4" to 4-1/2" square. Again, create the fold line for the bookbinding for each page.

At this point you could actually use the markers to color each page. Let dry well before applying the photos.

Use a hole punch to create 2 nicely spaced holes on each cover and page. These holes will be where you pull the yarn through at the end of the project. Make sure all holes are properly aligned.

Cut out each family face and glue to a page.

Using safe, colorful markers, print the family member's name below the photo.

Make as many pages as you like. Do not make so many pages that they are hard to for baby to maneuver.

Assemble the little book, weaving the yarn through the 2 holes from back to front. Tie off in a pretty bow.

At this point, you could take another piece of yarn and pull through the top hole only, creating a yarn loop to tie onto baby's stroller or high chair. Make yarn loop just large enough, but not so long baby could get caught up in it.


Construction paper and painted cardboards can make the project more colorful. Be sure your "ingredients" are non-toxic!

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