Church Pictorial Directories


A Church Pictorial Directory can be an invaluable ministry tool!

Pictorial Directories can help ministry staff be more effective by helping them connect faces with names and provides a concise listing of member contact information.  They are also a fantastic way for new and old church members alike to be able to connect with a growing church family! 

Photograph 65 Families* & Your Directories are FREE!


Choose from two great programs:

Church Directory Fundraiser                                            Traditional

Similar to our Family Portrait  Fundraisers, volunteers sell $10 certificates to families in your church and community. 

 As a thank you just for participating in your Church Directory Fundraiser, each family who purchases a certificate will  receive a complimentary 10x13 family portrait! 

 Only the members of your church will appear in your customized directory but you will benefit from the money you earn from the sale of certificates. 

 PLUS you may also qualify for and earn extras including pages, hard cover, etc.




In our traditional directory program church members simply sign up to have their portrait taken. 

 Each family photographed will receive a complimentary 10x13 family portrait.

 Customize your directory for a unique tool that will meet your church’s specific needs.


















                    Your Directory Will Include:

                                A custom cover page

                                        • A pastor’s page with portrait and message to the congregation

                                        • Family pages with each member’s family portrait

                                       • A Family Roster with each family’s contact information

                                       • BONUS—earn extras including hard cover, additional pages, etc.  

     *Restrictions may apply and/or minimums may be raised for areas outside of standard service area.  Please ask us for more details.






Get started today!  Please contact us to request your free information packet!  Or call us at




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