Family Portrait Church Fundraising Programs


Our Family Portrait Church Fundraising Programs are a fun and easy Church Fundraiser with NO RISK and NO INVESTMENT required from your church.  PLUS you can earn incentives and cash bonuses to increase your church fundraiser profits!  Each participating family of your church and community will receive  a beautiful, complimentary 10x13, full color, studio quality family portrait just for participating in your church fundraiser!


Earn Incentives and Bonuses!

    Families Photographed*      Profit (Certificate Sales)             Cash Bonuses                 Total Profit

500 Families




400 Families




300 Families




200 Families




150 Families




125 Families




100 Families




75 Families




65 Families




50 Families





Intermediate levels between 200 and 500 families photographed are available. Please ask us for details.



P o r t r a I t  Church  F u n d r a I s e r s 

Why should your church choose a Portrait Church Fundraiser for your next church fundraising event?  They work great for raising funds for MISSION TRIPS, YOUTH PROJECTS, BUILDING PROGRAMS, DEBT REDUCTION, BENEVOLENCE PROJECTS and MORE!  Portrait church fundraising is perfect for congregations of any size.  There is no investment and no won’t be left with merchandise that you cannot sell! 


How it works 

There is no investment required from your church!  Volunteers sell certificates for a professional, family photography session for only $10.00 each to church members, family, friends, and families in your community (Limit one (1) certificate per household, group being photographed, customer).  ALL proceeds from certificate sales are retained by your organization, and as a thank you just for participating, each family who has purchased a certificate will receive a complimentary 10x13 family portrait

PLUS, earn CASH BONUSES with a minimum of 50 families photographed as well as other incentives.*  The more we photograph, the higher the Cash Bonus we pay!  We supply everything necessary for a successful church fundraiser including production costs, photography and other expenses.  Photography sessions are shot on location and will be tailored to fit your specific needs.  Our quick turn around program allows you to complete your church fundraiser in as little as TWO weeks!    


6 easy steps

Get started on your church fundraiser today with these easy steps!

     1.  Designate your church fundraising coordinator, and call to receive your materials (678.321.1934) or click here.

     2.  Schedule a photography date for your church fundraiser.

     3.  Sell photography session certificates (to church members, friends, family, & your community).

     4.  Call in the total number of certificates sold. 

     5.  Schedule each family’s professional photography session (Minimum 50 booked appointments required to guarantee photography date).

     6.  Have a representative from your organization present for the photography and viewing dates.







No investment From your organization…

church Fundraising

That is outside the box!






**Required minimum of 50 appointments booked must be met to guarantee photography date.

***Limit ONE (1) certificate per family/household, group, or customer.

****Minimums for booked appointments and for bonuses may be increased for programs outside of our normal service area.  Ask us for details.
*Bonuses and incentives are paid/awarded based on the number of families photographed AND packages viewed ONLY, not on the number of certificates sold.



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